Bruce Pitcher - Larger Than Life

What is Larger Than Life? 

It is living life to the fullest and not setting limits on yourself. What are you waiting for?

Bruce Pitcher

Owner and Head Coach

Bruce Pitcher is a One-Of-A-Kind trainer.  He knows intimately what it takes to overcome and conquer the many trials and obstacles presented in life. Coming from an abused childhood, he turned to food for comfort and at the age of 29 weighed 382 pounds.  This was a hinge-point of his life!  He wanted more and he chose to believe that he could DO something great and BECOME someone great!  His determination inspired him to apply to be a contestant on the hit TV show Extreme Weight Loss.  He was soon after chosen to compete.  During the next 12 months as a contestant on the show he lost over 200 pounds, breaking all records in Extreme Weight Loss history!

Bruce did something great!  It was unprecedented!  And ever since, he’s been driven to help others to achieve unprecedented change in their own lives! Bruce is the author of "Larger Than Life," an inspiring account of his life and childhood and the struggles he fought to overcome. He is the founder of the hit YouTube show, Larger Than Life, seen consistently by thousands of committed viewers.  He is a Certified Trainer, a leader of destination boot camps and the personal trainer for hundreds of people who are committed to achieve their goals and transform their lives!



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